Cum On My Photo

Want to see your cum on this photo?

I will never look at a hay bale the same again. I may get a hardon each time I see one! Ha.

If I were there, we'd be getting ready for a "Fucking" photo or video shoot. You've already got my cock throbbing. Just need a wet, warm place to put it for a little while. All ready now to tease your fans. Would of asked you to squat down legs open and masturbate tell you cum. Then set the cam up to watch us fuck and watch as i cum on you xx. Very very hot and naughty- We will be making hay in a few weeks so your welcome for a photo shoot here 💋 xx. That was cute, and sexy. The music was a nice touch. I’ll have to go look for the photos of the photoshoot. I love seeing your strip down for us and the lucky photographer! I never get tired of seeing you Kathleen!