Cum On My Photo

Want to see your cum on this photo?

One of the best close ups on this site. Want to put something in between them so badly! Great photo.

First I would slowly and gently run my tongue over the crease beneath your breast then slide upward savoring the soft curve and tease you as I circle your nipple being careful not to touch it just yet. Your sexy hard nipples kinda drive me crazy. I so wanna put my lips over them, feel how my soft wet tongue rubs against them and then suck on those yummie hard knobs of you. Man, do they love attention. Love to be pulled and sucked? If not , no biggy, i'll just watch them and try to convince you to let me squirt ALL over them. Awesome! I want to suck on your nipples, then slide my cock between your tits and tug on those long nipples while fucking your tits till I am ready to cum on your face. You don't have to tell me twice! SOoooooooo need those nipples between my lips being licked, flicked and teased :)