Cum On My Photo

Want to see your cum on this photo?

Yeah. That is a really gorgeous shot. Though, it does help to be totally gorgeous to begin with. Delicious model.

You guys have the best photos. Dripping in sexuality and ethos. From the dramatic white shirt and undone tie, with salacious woman. To the pure sexuality of these self shoots. Wasn't sure what to expect to here. You guys blow me away. I agree with milflover95; the legs, thighs, wide spread pose; the cunt; the waist; the stomach- all of it so beautiful. I promise you I am going to stare at this and make myself cum on my word. You are so very, very sexy! Are you aware how tantalizing that line your armpit is, down past your breast to your tummy and pussy? :o) Always good, though I am sure some parts of him are definitely irreplaceable ;) Can I myself remind you of how gorgeous you are? :D. You both have a fantastic sense of composition, light, and proportion. There isn't a single bad photo in your gallery.