Cum On My Photo

Want to see your cum on this photo?

Oh God be careful. You're just too purfect to brake!

Aww, guys and gals! Thanks for the love on the preview of our new stuff. More to cum. Lots more if you guys like them a whole lot. Fuck My Arse blog is best for anal fucking. @sexahaulic: Well you may get to watch in a few hours when the new video teaser gets approved. Hehe @rochrdinvegas: That is naughty. You would have sex in the kitchen? LOL @MyLucky13: hehe, nice try. I think it was Top Shot on History Channel. LMAO @sexxyman: We would, but we didn't bring any zoig signs. It would be cheating. Besides, we have won it 3 or 4 months in the past year. We will give everyone else a shot. Check out Dirtyus4u they have our vote for this month! LMAO@johnsonstrkr: Always has to sample before it's served. Hehe @cpl4sexfun: No joke! LOL @axej: I do try. ;) @manfly: I don't know how much the Mr. Would like that. LOL @drumrocker: Thanks! You rock. @jammax: That is a tempting offer, I always love a good meal. @Gumby317: I am sure lots of one sort or the other. HAHA @pervygirl: Awww, thanks. I will do my best, but I do like to be risky sometimes. ;) @tailrotor: Thank you so much. Very cute. @albcpl87144: That is a pretty sweet offer. Food and a place to shoot. HAHA @Bobb309: Some guys would hope. LOL @peorth: LOL! I love it. Very cute. @dennixxx: Thanks, I am glad. @magnusgallo: Thank you so much. @moobee69: I thank you for taking the time to let us know. Xoxox @fireboss: HAHA, your comments just rock. Keep em coming. @remymccool: Well we tend to leave it a bit messier. You tend to have to mop after. LOL @zero989: Well I am glad, cause there is more to come. @cocksmart: Thanks guys. Quite the compliment coming from you guys. ~Ms. Twice~Mmmm.Looks like your heating up my favorite meal! Cum down under and Ill have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.As well as a few smacks here and there. ;-)I would love to be there watching you work yourself into a frenzy and then whe